Principal Message

Dr. Rajender Godara

Dr. Mukesh Goyal

Physiotherapy is one of the fastest growing professions in India. It has helped in every walk of life from an infant to very old. This professional approach spans from children affected with diseases like polio leading to deformity, to the very old in whom relief from stress and pain is essential considering the recent advances in the field of medicine; there is an increase in the life expectancy and hence more importance on the quality of living & fitness. with this mission Tantia University was founded by Late Dr. S.S Tantia. The Sri Ganganagar College of Allied Health Sciences Physiotherapy is one such step of producing excellent health care professionals.
After many years of teaching physiotherapy, Tantia University has established itself as one of the top-level institute of Rajasthan and is recognized for the excellence in education & Research. Our students have been ranked top in Rajasthan University of Health Sciences, Jaipur. The graduates express high levels of satisfaction with the course due to its focus on integrated learning. Students commence clinical education in second year and there is a collaborative link with the physiotherapy profession in urban and rural sitting which ensures graduates are ready for professional practice. Society rate of our physiotherapy graduates, professional attributes, knowledge and skills are very high.
Eminent personalities from the field of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation have sought this platform to share their experiences with our students. I feel proud when I see the enthusiasm in our students with a desire to excel in the field of health care industry. I am sure that opportunities will come their way from India and abroad to excel and prove their mattle in the area of Rehabilitation and Health Care.